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  • MGK misting products are made specifically to work with professional misting systems to effectively kill mosquitoes, flies and other flying insect pests.

Coastal Mister Systems

CoastalMister™ Systems

Each CoastalMister™ system consists of a durable black 55 gallon drum or 125 gallon tank, on the top of which is mounted a high pressure pump, pressure manifold and gauge, ½ horsepower electric motor, and system control box. At predetermined spray times and durations, or by activation via remote control, the master unit pumps insecticide or repellent through nylon tubing and precision spray nozzles. The resulting fine mist creates a "protection zone" of defense against mosquitoes and other flying insects.

System Components

Master Units

The CoastalMister™ master units are offered in 55 and 125 gallon capacity for same day shipping. 30 and 225 gallon tanks are available with slightly longer lead times (2-3 days). The 30 and 55 are upright horizontal drums, the 125 and 225 gallon are horizontal tanks. All reservoirs are black unless otherwise specified. Many custom tank sizes and shapes are available depending on your application.

Control Panels

There are two types of control boxes available, constructed using outdoor rated sealed electrical enclosure boxes. All include remote controls for easy one time mist operation. Programming is intuitive and simple and for most users requires no instruction to operate.

Analog Control Box

Analog / Digital: Initiates spray cycle based on times set on traditional light timer (either analog dial type or digital) for the duration selected on a rotary dial. Includes remote control for on-demand spraying. Timer is has battery back-up for reliable spray times. Simple, reliable, easy to understand package include one button remote control for end user supplemental spray.

Digital Control Box:

Our latest design incorporates all of the features of traditional misting systems with the ease of programming and precision of a battery backed up digital circuit board. Remote can turn system on and off with audible chirp to confirm operation. Boxes come programmed for up 12 user defined spray times per day, or they can be operated in periodic mode, with frequency of 1 - 240 minutes between sprays, and duration of 1-99 seconds each spray. Ideal for barns, restaurants, fly repellant, odor control, or any application requiring periodic spray.


Tubing, Nozzles, Fittings & Risers


Quarter-inch nylon tubing connects each system to precision nozzles to deliver the exact amount of insecticide or repellent. Tubing is available in black, white, tan, brown, and natural color.


We use only stainless steel nozzle tips with nickel plated bronze bodies in either larger Standard style or the newer and smaller Slimline style. All nozzles have anti-drip assemblies built in.


Fittings are available in either nickel plated brass or composite and feature push to connect tube grips for easy installation.


Stationery risers are constructed of copper tubing and allow for misting to be directed straight up or at a 45° angle. Risers are available with Standard or Slimline tips in either 1/4" Copper with black coating or 1/2" raw copper tubing for a high-end look

Special Features

Remote Control

Each CoastalMister features remote control capability for activation at times of increased activity. Features of the R1G Digital remote control include being able to turn the system On and Off, as well as mist remotely.

Extra Capacity Manifolds / Oversize Pumps

For a minimal amount of cost you can upgrade to a 1/2 inch manifold (standard on the 125 systems) to handle 80+ nozzles. For acreage type installations oversize 160 GPH pumps are available for 125+ nozzles.

Blowback / Check Valves

All of Coastal's systems include check valves in the manifold and blow back valves in the tank. Together these eliminate the need for an inline check valve and hold pressure in the system for quick start up without sputtering under eaves and other elevated installations.